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Thursday, 8 September 2011



Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM), also known as wire-cut EDM is a process of using a thin single-strand of metal wire fed through a workpiece. The wire is constantly fed from a spool is held between the upper and lower guides. The guides move in the x-y plane and control the movement of the wire through the workpiece during the cutting process. Most machines in use today are CNC controlled. Wire EDM machines are very Precise and can be programmed to cut very intricate and delicate shapes.
The wire-cut process uses water as its dielectric with the water's resistivity and other electrical properties carefully controlled by filters and deionizer units. The water also serves the very critical purpose of flushing the cut debris away from the cutting zone. Flushing is an important determining factor in the maximum feed rate of material available in a given thickness, and poor flushing situations necessitate the reduction of the feed rate.


1. Starting a CNC EDM wire cut machines.

2. Write a CNC program.

3. Prepare and display graphics using applications Autocad and Mycam       cuts.

4. Coordinate offset coordinate position of the wire cutting and die on the workpiece.

5. Programming and cutting operations on the machine.

6. Stop the machine CNC wire cut EDM.


EDM Wire Cut

EDM Wire Cutting Head

Step to EDM WireCut

1. 415V main switchboard is open.

2. Switch on the cooler (chiller) is open.

3. EDM controller switch is opened and the safety button is released the use of machines.

Steps for entering data:

1. By using autocad software, 2D Drawn shape as Figure 1.

2. 2D autocad drawings saved in DXF format.

3. By using mycam, each line is attached drawings to ensure Examined.

4. Using Mycam software, autocad drawing format converted to a format to be construed in NC programming of codes that will be Produced.

5. Drawing information is Stored and transferred into the wire cut EDM machines.

Measures to cut programming:

1. On the machine control panel, programming information transmitted is stored in the machine file.

2. Re-opened the file to be modifications and simulated. If there are corrections to the cutting angle, the angle changed to suit the cut.

3. Auto Switch is pressed to check the position of the cuts will be done.

4. After programming certain to be broken, Jog is used to adjust the upper head and lower head plate cutting approaches.

5. In the control panel, switch memory, water, power EDM pressed for the inclusion of water and related processes.

6. Cycle start switch is pressed and disconnect the start.

Safety precautions when handling EDM machines

1. Make sure there are no leaks in the tank dielectric liquid tank hose and pipe connections.

2. Make sure a fire extinguisher near the machine for use in emergencies.

3. Make sure the materials are installed in areas where the right job.

4. Make sure the electrodes are not touching the thing work.

5. Make sure the cutting wire is not touching things work.

6. Make sure each cable there is no leakage.

7. Clear oily liquid that is in place the working substance during the installation process.

8. Clean all dirt in the tank desk and storage tanks.

9. Wear appropriate clothing while using machines.


The desired objectives have been successfully implemented. Any guidance given by lecturers is very useful and effective. We have been successfully using CNC EDM wire cut machine with skill and know how to enter the program and run machine for the design of the products made. In addition, we also know how to apply the program to form the G-code to get the result as above. All that was taught to us was really helpful to our advantage as we go into the working world later.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

report bengkel CNC EDM DIE SINKING

Introduction of Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)
Electric discharge machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process whereby a wanted shape of an object of workpiece is obtained using electrical discharges (sparks). The material removal from the workpiece occurs by a series of rapidly recurring current discharges between two electrodes, separated by a dielectric liquid and subject to an electric voltage.

Introduction of EDM Die Sinking Machine
EDM die sinking machine consists of an electrode and workpiece that are submerged in an insulating liquid such oil or, less frequently, other dielectric fluids. The electrode and workpiece are connected to a suitable power supply.
As the electrode approaches the workpiece, dielectric breakdown occurs in the fluid forming a plasma channel and a small spark jumps. These sparks usually strike one at a time because it is very unlikely that different locations in the inter-electrode space have the very identical local electrical charachetistics which would enable a spark to occur simultaneously in all such locations.
The EDM die sinking process is most widely used by the mould-making tool and die industries, but is becoming a common method of making prototype and production parts, especially in the aerospace, automobile and electronics industries in which production quantities are relatively low.


1. Starting a CNC EDM  sinking.
2. Write a CNC program
3. Prepare and display a graph cuts using Autocad applications and Mycam
4. Coordinate offset coordinate position of the die on the workpiece
5. Programming and cutting operations on both machines
6. Stop the machine CNC EDM die sinking

Die sinking EDM work steps

1. The main switch is open
2. Die sinking EDM controller switches open and the safety button is released the use of machines
3. Home panels, manual (F2) is pressed
4. coordinates X, Y and Z coordinates are adjusted to adjust the position of the electrodes
5. cycle start switch is pressed to heat the engine system


1. Oil pump is opened to drain the liquid (oil) which aims to reduce sparks during cutting.
2. G54 Work coordinate;
3. Absolute coordinate G90;
4. Position Z 50.0;
5. Position X 50.0, Y 50.0
6. Position Z 0.5
7. Line 3-axis Z I1 B1 -0.5;
8. NG position Z 50.0;
9. Oil pump off
Step work EDIT

1. F1 Edit, input
2. F8 file, input
3. F1 load, input
4. Yes, input
5. Enter the name of data file, input
6. Enter, input
7. F10 exit, input
8. F2 Dialogue, input
9. Key in program, input
10. Exit, input

Step work for EDGING (auto)       
1. Manual, input
2. Exit center, F6 input, input
3. Column X, Y, Z, input. Using a ruler, the distance between the axes at work things are  included. Electrodes are moved automatically to adjust the center position of work objects
4. Ix, the input
5. Ly, the input
6. LZ, input
7. Cycle start

Safety precautions when handling EDM machines

1. Make sure there are no leaks in the tank dielectric liquid tank hose and pipe connections.
2. Make sure a fire extinguisher near the machine for use in emergencies.
3. Make sure the materials are installed in areas where the right job.
4. Make sure the electrodes are not touching the thing work.
5. Make sure the cutting wire is not touching things work.
6. Make sure each cable there is no leakage.
7. Clear oily liquid that is in place the working substance during the installation process.
8. Clean all dirt in the tank desk and storage tanks.
9. Wear appropriate clothing while using machines.


The desired objectives have been successfully implemented. We have successfully used Die sinking EDM machine with skill and know how to enter the program and run machine for the design of the products made. In addition, we also know how to apply the program to form the G-code to get the result as above. All that was taught to us was really helpful to our advantage as we go into the working world later.

Monday, 8 August 2011


CNC is a machine used for automatic control in the industry. This machine works to control the work of other machines used. In other words, we do not need the public operator to operate several machines we have.

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) was the machines that use the operation 'Numeric' to operate the machine from numeris data stored on the computer.

For example, the CNC has used in the metal industry. In this operation, CNC mechanism used to control the machine tool and metal cutting. So long as thick metal pieces produced by metal cutting machines, CNC machines can be arranged by. At present, only the metal industry is not only a technology in CNC machines as automatic process.

Sophistication of facilities for CNC itself is re-programmed according to requirements. CNC programmed by software 'Fanuc'.Through the work of this software is governed by our CNC, arranging work, means we have arranged automatic process for the machines of other industries, because basically this machine is a controller for the works of other machine.
NC / CNC consists of three main sections:

1. 'Programme'
2. 'Control Unit' / 'Processor'
3. Machine / 'Hardware'

Working principles of NC / CNC in moderation can be described as follows:
'Programmer' create CNC programs for products to be made in a straightforward manner on CNC machines or made on a computer with programmer CNC software. The CNC program, known as' G-Code, sent off and translated by the 'processor' on the CNC machine and produces a servo motor settings on the machine to move the tool that moves make the process of machining to produce according to data from programs that have been added into the (key-in) CNC machines.

Definition of CNC machines.

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine tools are equipped with mechanical systems and computer-based controls that can read the instructor code N, G, F, T, and others, where the codes will be 'taught' to operate CNC machines according to program things work will be done. In general, the workings of CNC machines is no difference with conventional machines.

Function CNC machine operators are replacing workers who operate conventional machines. For example, job organizing the movement (setting tool) ready to carve up the position of cutting, cutting and retracting movement to the starting position, and others. So it is with cutting settings (cutting speed, cutting speed and depth of cut) as well as other functions such assuccession arrangements chisel, alteration of transmission of force, and direction of rotation of the main elements, coolant, etc. settings.

The types of CNC machines.

CNC Turning Machine
CNC Milling Machine

CNC Machine 'Turning' refers to the tool. It has an axis:
Z: length
X: Diameter

And it has an axis of 'Zero Point References'

Coordinate System

Absolute Coordinate System

Absolute coordinate system is the programming to determine the coordinates point to the point of no work thing. Position of the point in working things always begin from the point of no as a reference measurement. As a reference point for working things no self-parking point is determined based on the kind of work and impact of programs to be made. Determination of the point of no substance to the zero point of work. At work things complicated programming, via the G-code "a particular point of zero normal work things moved according to simplify programming and to avoid measurement errors. Absolute programming also known as absolute programming system, where the movement of cutting tool to the point of no work thing. Advantages of this system is, when the programming error occurred during the simulation on the display machine, CNC control panel will show the point on the display screen, so it's easier for us to make the necessary corrections.

Comparison system

Programming is a program relative to the measurement route is always the end point of a crossing. Endpoint of a path is thestarting point for the next track coordinate measurement or determination based on the change in length in the X axis (ΔX), andX 6 Y axis length track (ΔY). Point of no matter to work at no point as the initial reference point, place the point of no work itemsare determined based on the kind of work and impact of programs to be made. Determine the following coordinates tothe endpoint of a crossing point. Comparative programming system, also known as a chain or system of programs' relative coordinate.Determination of cutoff tool movement from one point to the next point refers to the final termination point cutting tool. Thedetermination of the phase out point. The drawback of this programming system, any error in the determination of coordinatespoints, the deviation to be increased.


After a practice for 3 weeks we have to recognize machine CNC Turning 'closer. We can learn how to use CNC Turning machines using the code 'G' and 'M' as well as understand the uses and functions of the machines' CNC Turning. Spirit of cooperation between members of each group can be cultivated during practice and practice proper safety measures during practice ..

1. We can understand how the use of CNC lathe machine at work project.

2. We can complete the project according to project design and project dimensions.

3. Made to achieve the project objectives and in accordance with our requirements.

4. Understand what has been taught in theory and in practice can be machined.

5. We can solve the problems during the project coordinate system before we make a simulation.

6. We can understand how to enter data (key-in) program at CNC Lathe machine control panel.

7. We can use the machine CNC lathe skills to the project.

8. Able to produce ideas for the design of this CNC project.